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Identity Theft – Protect Yourself Today

Some of the best ways to protect against identity theft are by using common sense. Of course, you will also need to educate yourself on how identity theft happens and how often it happens, so you will understand what will give you the best protection. -    Change your passwords often and never keep them written [...]

What is bankruptcy code 523?

The bankruptcy code 523 is the clause which describes or lists the types of debts that cannot be included for discharge, even when you file for bankruptcy. These are debts that the person who files for bankruptcy will still have to pay regardless of financial circumstances. Among the debts that fall under the bankruptcy code [...]

Protect Yourself From Credit Fraud

One of the most effective ways to protect yourself from credit fraud is to activate a credit theft alert on your credit file. How does this work? Or better still does this really work? Credit fraud alert is an extra precaution added by the credit bureaus for your protection. This means that whenever there is [...]

Bankruptcy Solutions – What Is Not Covered Under This Umbrella?

It is a myth that bankruptcy solutions will cover all financial problems. There are many debts that bankruptcy will not resolve. Before you declare bankruptcy, you need to be aware, which of your debts will not be covered under bankruptcy relief. Some debts that will not be covered are: 1.    Student loans – This loan [...]

Insurance Identity Theft Can Protect You

Did you know that there is insurance against identity theft? As millions of people are falling victim every year to this crime, new measures to protect consumers from such tragedy are emerging. It is now possible to get identity theft insurance. The provider of this type of insurance will reimburse victims up to $1,000,000 of [...]

When Debt Counseling Is Needed?

We hear a lot about debt counseling and everyone can agree that it is a good service to utilize in theory. Most credit repair agencies offer debt counseling for free making many consumers question its actual value.  People who hire credit repair agencies feel that they are buying services only to eliminate their debt and [...]

Credit repair fraud – Are you Asking For It?

I have seen many ads for credit repair services and some of them are beyond preposterous. They scream credit repair fraud in capital letters, but even so, people pay attention to them and many even believe them. Some examples are, “We can make your negative entries disappear”, “Guaranteed jump in credit score”, “Bankruptcy can be [...]

5 Ways To Remove Bankruptcy

The first thing you should know about the different methods available to remove bankruptcy is that they all take time. You cannot remove the mark of bankruptcy before 11 years have passed. However, this does not mean that you should lose hope. Not at all. In fact, many people have enjoyed a great surge in [...]

How To Fix Credit Score Quickly

Can your credit score be raised quickly? That really depends by what you define as “quickly.” You can fix your credit score with time but the soonest you will see actual results, if you are choosing lawful methods, is about 3-6 months. This is because your credit score reflects your credit history and financial habits. [...]

Credit dispute letters – Great Tools to Raise Your Credit Score

Did you know that credit dispute letters are the best tools to raise your credit score? The first thing you need to do when you want to increase your score is to check for errors on your credit report. You may find plenty of small items that have found their way onto your report and [...]