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Credit Card Theft – Be Protected

Credit card theft can be a major irritation at the very least and a massive financial blow at its worst. Say, you are travelling and your credit cards are lost or stolen. This can, and more than likely would, create a very unpleasant turn of events, even with the best help at your disposal. The [...]

Why Identity Theft Lawyers Are Important?

Like many people, you may think you do not need identity theft lawyers? Identity theft is a serious threat to your life, finances and peace of mind. There are a million and one ways to steal someone’s identity. This type of crime is one of the most fastest rising in the USA and globally. Many [...]

Credit Repair Scam – 3 Danger Signs

When you are trying to repair your credit score in a hurry, you tend to believe all promises made as they seem to offer you exactly what you want. Beware of such false promises because these are tell- tale signs of credit repair scams. Here are some common tactics used to defraud vulnerable consumers: 1.   [...]

Credit card fraud – Be Sharp About Your Security

Are you aware of the severity of credit card fraud? There are an estimated 1 trillion credit card holders in the world today – as this is the most convenient way to shop in this technological age. Credit cards are used for a large gamut of services – not only for buying goods and services [...]

Business Identity Theft – 3 Steps To Prevent It

The identity theft business is a thriving business! There are millions of dollars mulched every year from mostly small and medium size businesses because these are the businesses that do not have adequate guarding systems put into place. The common mode of operation is simple. Send a virus-laden email to the account officials of the [...]

Insurance Identity Theft Can Protect You

Did you know that there is insurance against identity theft? As millions of people are falling victim every year to this crime, new measures to protect consumers from such tragedy are emerging. It is now possible to get identity theft insurance. The provider of this type of insurance will reimburse victims up to $1,000,000 of [...]

When Debt Counseling Is Needed?

We hear a lot about debt counseling and everyone can agree that it is a good service to utilize in theory. Most credit repair agencies offer debt counseling for free making many consumers question its actual value.  People who hire credit repair agencies feel that they are buying services only to eliminate their debt and [...]

How to clean up credit?

This is a question that many people ask themselves without any real hope for an answer – “how do I clean up my credit report?” Do not worry – you are not alone when asking this question, there is a way out for everyone. The trick is to seek out the proper guidance and begin [...]

Is disputing credit report necessary in credit repair?

Yes, it is. In fact, identifying areas for dispute on a credit report is one of the most important facets of credit repair. Why is this necessary? Think of the errors that creep into your credit report as a leaking bucket. If you do not fix the hole, you will lose precious water and never [...]

Are You Ready To Find The Best Credit Debt Solution?

If you are having trouble with obtaining loans, your credit score might have plunged down to unacceptable levels. The first thing you should do when you get two consecutive rejections is to check your credit score.  If you find that your score has indeed plummeted, seek the best available credit debt solution. How do you [...]