Settle debt without bankruptcy – find out alternatives

Are you in deep trouble with finances, and thinking about bankruptcy?  Don’t.  Instead, settle debt without bankruptcy. Try finding all possible alternatives to this catastrophic decision that will haunt you for a long, long, long 11 years.

The easiest way to avert this decision is by asking for a loan from your friends and colleagues that would bail you out from the impasse. You might consider going to your parents for help.  Lastly, you could inquire about a bank loan that would be availed under joint signatures.

A warning point here regarding the co-signed loan method used to settle debt without bankruptcy. If someone co-signs your bank loan and you ever file for bankruptcy in the future, this will reflect on the co-signee’s credit report as well.  So be very careful about how much of a loan you need and keep in consideration the repayment terms and rate.

Source:  Settle debt without bankruptcy – find out alternatives

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