Credit repair scams – true or false

You read stories about credit repair scams and you wonder whether it is a good idea to approach that great credit repair agency to manage your score for the possibility of finding a new mortgage. Is this step a safe one or not?

I would say that credit repair scams are happening all the time. However, it is most often to people who are not alert enough to recognize the swindle in time. Do not expect the credit repair agency to do the impossible.

Who finds and falls into the trap of all these credit repair scams? People who are desperate enough to feel that ‘desperate situations call for desperate measures’ will  push themselves into believing that this credit repair agents  can do more than they can do for themselves.

No doubt, there are credit repair scams out there. However, until each person decides to go the legal way, such agencies are encouraged to exist and function.

Source:  Credit repair scams – true or false

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