Buying a Car After Bankruptcy

bigstockphoto To Buy Or Not To Buy A Car 4659485 Buying a Car After Bankruptcy
Buying a car after bankruptcy can cost you a bundle if you’re not careful. With a bankruptcy stamp on your credit report, you’re considered a high risk investment by most banks and financial institutions.

So, what do you do?

You do your homework well! Find the dealers that gives the best price for your chosen car. Chose 2-3 such dealers and get the ball rolling. Use the financing option they have, and allow them to present you with their best option for buying a car after bankruptcy.

Do research on the Internet and find out what can be the range of interest rates that you can get under the circumstances. Negotiate consistently with the car dealer until you get the best possible interest rates for buying a car after bankruptcy.

Be careful, even 0.1% can spell a big difference in the total payment – so, be tough while negotiating!

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