Bankruptcy Articles – Is The Information Accurate?

bigstock What A Mess   3431151 Bankruptcy Articles – Is The Information Accurate?Many people who want to gain some firsthand knowledge on bankruptcy prefer to surf the internet and read the available bankruptcy articles rather than consulting an attorney. How accurate is the information available on the internet?

Before answering this question, you need to understand that there are many types of articles available on the internet. Some are quite accurate and up-to- date – you will find these on Government portals and reputed credit repair agencies; some are general and informative and may or may not be updated as changes are made to laws or even reflect discrepancies based on the state in which you live; while some are written only to  attract traffic with keywords – these are usually not very accurate.

How do you know which are the bankruptcy articles you can trust? Here are some guiding points:

-    Date of the article and website
-    The sources quoted for the articles
-    Type of article – usually sales/ marketing oriented articles tend to highlight the points that help selling/ marketing
-    Expertise of the author
-    Government websites are usually the best sources for informative bankruptcy articles

Source:  Bankruptcy Articles – Is The Information Accurate?

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