3 Great Ways To Settle Debt Without Bankruptcy

bigstockphoto Greeting 2219601 3 Great Ways To Settle Debt Without BankruptcyBankruptcy is never the easy way out. You should only consider taking such measures when you have exhausted all other alternatives. There are many ways to settle debt without bankruptcy. Here are some ideas to consider:

-    Raise the money through a loan obtained with joint collateral. To use this option you will need to find someone who would be willing to co-sign a loan with you, with one or both of you putting up collateral to raise the required money.

-    You could sell a portion of your business to raise working capital. Many times, all that is needed is a small fund to roll the business. Try selling part of your assets and raise the needed funds.

-    Enter into a partnership to raise the required funds. The idea of a joint venture can look very lucrative to an investor who wants a share in your ailing company if you can show that in the future there is the potential for profit sharing.

There are many more alternatives; some easy and some not so easy. Finding alternatives to bankruptcy is well worth the time and effort.

Source:  3 Great Ways To Settle Debt Without Bankruptcy

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